Internal Transportation Systems


'91 - '93                   Tivox - Logimath BV, Zeewolde                                      Project Manager

As a member of the Management Team of this newly established company - market place: internal transportation, palletizers - I have been responsible for the execution of all received orders. Prior to establishing of the company I have been deeply involved in the making of the Business-plan, the Budget and all other founding particularities. Number of staff 12.

Main tasks:

               - project management a.o. project of Truck Cabin assembly line at Scania Angers, France

               - projects with palletizers in The Netherlands, France and United Kingdom

               - subcontracting (a.o. various suppliers in Holland and mother company in Sweden)

               - selection of new sub-suppliers (Holland) evaluations Spec./Price/Delivery-time/Quality

               - planning: co-o­rdi­nation of Engi­neering, E&I and Installation departments

               - technical and commer­cial handling of Variations to Contracts.

Due to external circumstances Tivox has not been able to survive.